New York City Scholastic Press Association

New York City Scholastic Press Association

The New York City Scholastic Press Association is an organization of New York City high school journalism advisors dedicated to improving journalism programs throughout New York City. 

What one advisor is saying about the NYCSPA:    "I wanted to say a very quick thank you.  I was only the advisor at Bryant for a year or two, and as you know it is an extremely overwhelming job.  I must say that I found your organization extremely helpful and supportive. The conferences were so interesting and insightful, and I remember always leaving them with a greater sense of purpose, reminded of what important and meaningful work journalism really is in a high school.  The Association members were always so professional, yet so approachable - just knowing that there was a group of people I could email or call if I needed help or advice was immensely important.  So, thank you to you and to the rest of the Association." 
              -  Julie Miele NYC Writing Project Teacher-Consultant

Journalism Kids Do Better

Read the article on J-IDEAS about the study by Jack Dvorak: "High School Journalism Matters

Welcome to our new website. 

Although this website is not completed, we have published it to post information we have, links we find helpful for school newspaper advisors and their students, and to start the process of soliciting advice for further improvements to our website from our members.

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