New York City Scholastic Press Association

We have compiled a list of helpful resources for advisors and their students.  If there are any websites you think should be added to this list, please let us know.

American Scholastic Press Association conducts an annual contest/review of school newspapers, yearbooks, and magazines. 

Student Press Law Center is an advocate for students free press rights, and provides information, advice, and legal assistance at no charge to students and the educators who work with them.  

ASNE’s High School Journalism Initiative has a wealth of resources for journalism students and their advisors.

Columbia Scholastic Press Association unites student editors and faculty advisers working with them to produce student newspapers, magazines yearbooks and online media.   CSPA conducts conventions and workshops, contests and critiques. 

Common Errors in English Usage includes deviations from the standard use of English.  "The aim of this site is to help you avoid low grades, lost employment opportunities, lost business, and titters of amusement at the way you write or speak."

Dow Jones Newspaper Fund
emphasizes “education for students and educators as part of our mission to promote careers in print and online journalism.”


First Amendment Center is sponsored by the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.  The program, "First Amendment Schools: Educating for Freedom and Responsibility," is a national reform initiative designed to transform how schools teach and practice the rights and responsibilities of citizenship that frame civic life in our democracy.

FIRE (Foundation for Individual Rights in Education) defends and sustains individual rights at America's colleges and universities.  This website includes free speech cases and speech codes, and includes videos as well.  Think limits on your free speech end when you graduate high school? 

Guide to Grammar & Style - A guide to grammar and style, with additional links.

Guide to Grammar & Writing that includes tips and quizzes, some really informative and enjoyable PowerPoint slide shows, lists of euphemisms, and much more.  Produced by the Capital Community College Foundation, Hartford, Connecticut.

High School Journalism is “the go-to scholastic journalism site on the Web for students, their teachers/advisers, guidance counselors and professional journalists. If you want to know about journalism -- learning it, teaching it, doing it -- this is the site for you.”              Journalism Terms                  Teachers                      Students  


High School Stylebook used by Queens Voc, compiled from various sources. 

J-IDEAS was developed at Ball State University to develop and encourage excellence in high school journalism through on-site activities, tailored programs, distance learning, digital activities, and scholarship.  There is a lot of information on the First Amendment and its application in high school journalism.


Journalism Education Association “Leading the way in scholastic journalism and media education since 1924.”  This website includes journalism standards for educators, a comprehensive stylebook, awards, and publications.                            Style and copyediting from JEA

Ledes (Leads) - Slideshare Workshop – how to write ledes/leads in a slide show format.

Lede/Lead Writing: at Writesville, “an online writing resource to sharpen your creative writing skills.”

Lede/Lead Writing: “How to Write a Great Lede.”

My High School Journalism is “The world’s largest host of teen generated news.”  The website hosts stories, photos, podcasts, and video journalism.

National Elementary Schools Press Association  is dedicated to helping elementary and middle schools start new and improve existing class and school newspapers.  The association serves as a clearinghouse for schools interested in sharing information and newspapers with member schools from coast to coast.


National Scholastic Press Association helps students and teachers improve their publications.  The NSPA conducts contests and conferences.  The “sourcebook” at this website has a directory of links and contact information for resources and organizations of interest for student journalists.

NewsstandNYC is a website for high school journalism students, high school journalism teachers, and anyone who wants to know what’s happening in the NYC schools.

NYT Campus Weblines provides a wealth of information and resources to produce an online high school newspaper.

Plain Language is produced by the U.S. Government, and is dedicated to “improving communication.”  It’s a useful website, with examples and guides, as well as additional links.

Poynter’s High School Journalism Guide has writing, editing, and photography tips for students, ideas for teachers, and more.

Quill & Scroll was organized in 1926 by a group of high school advisors to encourage and recognize individual student achievement in journalism and scholastic publication.   Membership requires a one-time membership fee of $50.  Scholarships for photography and writing are available for journalists in member schools.

Strunk & White is a classic reference book, which is now online.  The book includes some basic rules of usage and principles of composition, and lists of misused and misspelled words.

Teach the First Amendment - An excellent source for all who care about First Amendment education in high schools. The site also offers free materials and resources for teachers.

The Write Site is an interactive language arts and journalism project for middle schools, developed by Think TV Network, Dayton, Ohio.  It’s a good, simple introduction to journalism.

Web English Teacher's journalism section has good information about interviewing, sports writing, and photography.

YouTube video on high school journalism.

PRINTERS  (in their words)

JS Printing has created a system known as My Design Online (MDO), an easy way to create a publication online without purchasing expensive software

Media Trends specializes in newspapers that have become inactive and need to be revived, as well as fully functioning newspapers that just need a little help to maintain the grueling schedule that newspaper staff must fulfill.

School Publications Company an affordable, fast, friendly way to get your newspaper printed.  SPC prints quality school newspapers amazingly fast and has the friendliest customer assistance available. 

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